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We provide everything you'll need to localize your game into Arabic in a neat little package, and you can pick what that package contains depending on your needs!

Translation & Adaptation

Style, meaning, intent, tone, nuance...
Each work has its own personality and its own needs, no one shoe fits all is our creed!

Works of Art are made with love, and they deserve to be adapted with love. We make sure every single nuance, joke, and quirk carries over while delivering the same impact the original writing had.

Editing & Proofreading

Careless wording, grammatical errors, and flat out missing the point can lead to dire consequences!

Whether you're not satisfied with your current translation or just want another set of expert eyes on it, we'll gladly help you polish it to a mirror sheen.

Typography, Logo & Graphic Design

We design fonts too! Lots of the available Arabic typefaces may not be suitable for the tone your game calls for. We can design custom fonts for it or suggest some from our library.

We also localize logos, marketing material, and in-game graphics in a way that replicates the original's feel, style, and branding.

Implementation Support

All engines capable of displaying Unicode text can display Arabic easily. However, the devil is in the details, and many developers may struggle, especially on proprietary engines.

We can walk you through the process no matter what engine you use while minimizing the time and effort spent on your end as much as possible.

Quality Assurance & Diagnosis

We're our own strictest critics, and we don't shy away from holding others to the same standard we hold ourselves to.

From translation to UI and technical considerations, we can test & provide detailed feedback on the quality of your Arabic localization.


Want to localize your game into Arabic but don't know where to start? We're all ears, ask us about anything you want to know!

Leaning on our years of experience, we can provide useful and detailed consultation tailored to your situation.

Why Us?

Arabic game localizations by Players, for Players.

  • Specialized: In localizing into Arabic.
  • Languages: English & French → Arabic.
  • Technically Proficient: In multiple engines.

🎮 Looking to tap into the Arabic gaming market?
You did your research. With over 65 million gamers as of 2021 in Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, and Egypt alone, it's gotten too big to be ignored and is only getting bigger!

🤔 So far so good. You're in! But wait...
Navigating the cultural nuances, programming challenges, and the overall skepticism that comes with launching in a new market can be overwhelming, right?

You know that better than we do.

❓ Then, should you really bother?
You're already spinning enough plates as is. There are always more and more tasks that need your immediate attention in gamedev after all.

While reaching new players sounds amazing, you simply can't spare the manpower needed.
Giving up on Arabic support feels tempting at this point... doesn't it?

(Psst... That's where we come in!)

✨ Meet Eternal Dream Arabization
Our mission is to break down the barriers standing between you and a completely new, diverse, and multicultured audience!

👎 We don't want the myriad challenges of game localization distracting you
We're here to take the hassle out of adapting your game for the region so you can keep focusing on what you do best: Making great games

🧭 We'll guide you every step of the way
Our specialized team of seasoned professionals is here to ensure that your game is adapted flawlessly for Arabic audiences, Avoiding the technical and cultural pitfalls that are common when localizing into Arabic.

🎭 We're not a faceless Agency
We're a team of passionate gamers who know the value a seamless localization brings to the player's experience. That's why our commitment to pushing the envelope for Arabic game localization is second to none.

🔝 We take pride in what we do
Our pride in our work is only matched by our passion.
Each and every one of our linguists is all about delivering results, never settling for "Good enough". We strive to forge unforgettable experiences that are natural, enjoyable, and culturally on-point.

📬Get in touch!
Let's capture the hearts and minds of Arabic speaking players together!

They say

Arab Gamers United

تقييم: لعبة Pumpkin Jack

كيف للترجمة العربية بأن تكون الشيء المميز الأكبر في بمبكين جاك؟ ببساطة لعدم رسميتها واستخدامها للألفاظ العامية الذي يتناسب تماماً مع قصة وحوارات اللعبة، فقصة اللعبة لا تأخذ نفسها بجدية تامة فهي مقدمة على أنها هجاء وسخرية لشخصيات الهالويين والسحر وغيرها، فالحوارات الأصلية مع ترجمة عربية عامية تقوي من ذلك الاحساس. عبارات كـ”نار يا حبيبي نار” و “كانت هذه آخر رحلة بالمجان يا حرامي يا بخيل” و “أقتل ماتريد! كلهم وحوش بريالين على أية حال” هي عبارات لا تتوقعها بأن تكون من ضمن حوارات لعبة مترجمة.
How can the Arabic translation be the biggest selling point for Pumpkin Jack? Simply because it's informal, and uses colloquial words that perfectly fit the story and the universe of a game that doesn't take itself seriously. It's presented as a parody of Halloween characters and magical tropes. The original lines combined with a colloquial-infused Arabic translation reinforces the feel this game is gunning for. Expressions like "Burn, Baby, Burn!", "This was the last freebie ride you cheapstake thief" and "Kill to your heart's contents! All of them are discount store monsters anways" are of the kind you simply don't find within the script of the usual Arabic game localization.

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